Sort, share and keep your comic collection up to date

Easy, fast and very fun.

Bring your collection to Whakoom

Organizing your comics in Whakoom is easy. It's like a checklist in your pocket with the comics you have and the ones you want.

Saying what you have was never so simple

Adding and updating your collection in Whakoom is quick and simple. Start adding comics with one click - whether t's a single volume or a collection of 5,000 issues! If you start with your Wanted list and the series you are currently collecting, Whakoom is a breeze to use. By adding a few comics a week, you can gradually complete the rest of your collection. The ability to add an entire series at once is something reserved for PRO users (so why not upgrade?).

Find your comics super fast

Whakoom has the fastest and most powerful comic search engine you've ever seen, so don't be afraid to use it. You can search for an entire series or a specific issue, for the work of any writer or a catalog of all publishers. You'll quickly discover, most likely the collection you are looking for is already on Whakoom, among the hundreds of thousands of comics already registered. Once you've located what you're looking for, the only thing left to do is add it to your collection and go on to the next one. It's that easy.

Search by barcode

Use the app to find your comic books just by scanning the barcode. You can also use our search engine by typing in the barcode or ISBN, which comes in handy if that barcode is being fussy.

Manage your series

The idea is simple, like everything in Whakoom: Your collection has to be able to adapt to you and not vice versa! Do you want to complete all your series? Are there any series you want to stop collecting? Do you want to create a collection, but start collecting from a certain issue? Don't worry, Whakoom lets you do all that. With Whakoom, you can adapt your collection to your needs any time and however you want.

Get even more organized with Notes, Locations & Conditions

PRO users can control their collection to the tiniest bit of data, including the condition of each comic and where it's stored. PRO users can also flag if it is signed, add a pic of the original art or signed comics and share it with the rest of the community and even tag the author. You can also add personal notes in a private space that can be very useful: Do you remember the last time you lent a comic and it disappeared because you couldn't remember who you lent it to? Don't let that happen to you again. Make a note!