Sort, share and keep your comic collection up to date

Easy, fast and very fun.

Your collection up to date

Find out when new issues of series you collect come out, forget about accidentally buying duplicates and plan your purchases with your Wanted list. Take Whakoom on your computer, phone or tablet... With Whakoom, everything is easier.

Your entire collection at a glance

Forget about continuing to collect as before. At last there is an easy, fast and very simple way to manage your entire collection, always have it up to date and be able to control it whenever you want. You no longer have to remember the issue you go by in each of the series you follow, or if you already have that specific number. Stop being aware of whether the novelty you are waiting for has already come out. Whakoom will tell you. Now your Collection is more alive than ever!

Your wish list always at hand

All the comics that interest you always together, always at hand. The ones you want to buy, the ones you have been looking for a long time and the ones you want to take a look before buying. You won't miss any anymore. When you're in a bookstore and think about which comic you were looking for, all you have to do is check your Whakoom Wish List.
You can even add comics that haven't been published yet and we'll notify you as soon as they're released.

Comics let you know they come out

Find out when comics that interest you are released without having to do a thing! Keep track of everything, whether they're new issues from any of the series you follow or comics added to your wish list. Forget about always having stay on top of new releases - Whakoom will notify you when they go on sale.

Control what you have read and what is pending

The best way to keep that "to be read" pile at bay. Each new comic in your collection will be left to read until you count it as read, so you end up reading everything you buy.
You can also track everything you've already read, even if you don't have it. You can finally keep track of what you read in the library, what your friends lend you or even that part of your collection that you got rid of. With Whakoom, you'll not only know how many comics you currently have in your collection, but also how many you've actually read.

Rate and share everything you read

Your opinion matters! At Whakoom, we want to promote and spread the passion for comics. We love discovering new books and the best way to do it is through the opinions of other fans. Your opinions and reviews are important because they help the rest of the community. And you'll also benefit because they will help us learn your tastes so that we can offer you more specific and accurate recommendations.

Find out everything

See all new releases, find out the day they are released, and discover new comics with our recommendations.

Share your hobby

Dive through your friends' collections, find out what they are buying and what they would like to buy. Browse the collection of your favorite author, discover the comics they've worked may be surprised. See the latest releases from your favorite publishers. Share your collection with the world so they can see what you have and your Want list, which is really useful on birthdays and important dates, if you know what I mean.

All new releases together in one place

Whakoom has become an excellent site for checking out the latest releases. Now you can find out about all releases in one place. See all the releases from this week, from previous weeks, and even future releases. In this section you can also see the most popular comics. What is trending among readers? Find out!

A collaborative tool

Whakoom is collaborative and grows with its users. Your fellow fans are the ones who create and complete the comics and series data.

Add comic books to the database

If you can't find a comic or series on Whakoom, don't worry! You can add it yourself in a few seconds. You only need complete a few questions (what language, how many issues make up the series and publisher). The new series will be immediately available to everyone. You can complete the file by adding the cover image and description and include references if you use information from another source.

Our data is public

The data provided by users are under the copyleft license since we consider that they belong to the world of comics and knowledge. Specifically, they are treated under a license Creative Commons 4.0 Share Alike, except for the covers of the comics that are property of their respective authors and publishers. Whakoom further waives the right of attribution.

Specialized media reviews

We collaborate with well-known media websites that add links to their comic reviews on the Whakoom tabs. This way, if you find a comic that's curious or interesting, you can quickly access at reviews that will help you learn more about it and decide on your next purchases.