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Keeping your collection organized and up to date will no longer be a hassle - with Whakoom you can do it quickly & easily.

Create your collection in a moment

No more wasting time endlessly cataloging your series! Adding comics to Whakoom is as simple as hitting the “Got it!” button. One click and voila, on to the next comic. No matter how big your collection is, with Whakoom, it's so fast that you can have it organized in an afternoon.More info

More than 1 million comics are already added

At Whakoom, find hundreds of thousands of comics in more than 30 languages, with all the information you need. The vast majority of the comics you have are already here, but if you can't find something, you can easily add it yourself. We do Whakoom together!

May your collection continue to grow!

With Whakoom you can keep up to date with all the latest comic releases, but that's not all, because we notify you when a new issue of a series you're collecting is published. Cool, huh?

Your comics, in detail and under control

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Plan your purchases

It's like always having your missing comics checklist in your pocket so you're never without it at the comic shop ever again.

Manage your readings

Keep the stack of unread comics at bay! Create your reading list and keep track of what you read each month. Whakoom helps you to never leave a comic unread ever again :)

Your opinion counts

Rate the comics you are reading, leave your opinion to share it with your friends and help other readers to discover new comics.

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Browse for your comics and series and get statistics. This will be your Collection in Whakoom: your comic books as you have never seen them before, organized and ready to check them whenever you want.More info

Complete your collection

Check in a single list all the issues you need to complete your series, and we will notify you when new comics from your current series are published.

Widen your circle

Get lost in other users collections. Authors, publishers and thousands of readers already have their collection on Whakoom.

Share your hobby

Make your comic collection public, share the comics you're reading with your friends, and work with us to spread the word about great comics.

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