Masters of the Universe (2004)

Image Comics - MVCreations

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Comic Book 32 pp


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With the threat of the Snake Men still at large, the Masters must find a way to bring peace to Eternia once more. But Skeletor has a new quest at hand, which inadvertently paves the way for the greatest threat the Masters have ever faced! All the while, the power of He- Man begins to take its toll on Prince Adam, as the stress from such responsibility eats away at the life he dreamed of living. This is the epic adventure fans have wanted to see ? it's no-holds-barred from here on out as the comic travels down a road of its own design, leading to the answers to questions fans have had for over a decade, and developing the defining story for the Masters of the Universe!


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Val StaplesEmiliano Santalucía

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Lori Ann Scott (Guión), Leanne Shaw (Dibujo), Ryan FoleyFabio LagunaEnza Fontana


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