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Aesop’s fables are a collection of stories and anecdotes that started in ancient Greece as a satirical form of social or political commentary. In recent times, a particular moral or lesson was often attached to the end of the fable, ensuring that the audience did not miss the subtleties of the tale. Charles Santino has adapted several of these short tales for the first time for graphic publication. Santino, however, does not belabor the moral, preferring to let the readers decide for themselves the true meaning or value of each story.

Some lessons are much more obvious than others are, of course, but none seem too hard to grasp. Vanity proves to be the undoing of a majestic stag in “The Stag and the Lion,” while greed and covetousness leaves “The Dog at the Bridge” with an empty stomach. Similar themes round out the rest of these fairy tales



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