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They needed a new planet in order to survive. They just found us! Brian 'Hawk' Hawkins is an Atlantic City bounty hunter and he's fed up with the world and everyone in it. But as he tracks his latest bail jumpers to a small New Jersey town he finds much more than what he bargained for. Now Hawkins must make the decision to flee town or to stay put and fight to save the one thing he can no longer stand - Humanity! Do not miss The first issue of the supernatural action mini-series that combines the tone of 28 Days Later with the intensity of Aliens. They're coming for you!


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Joe Brusha (Guión), Ralph Tedesco (Guión), Wagner Reis (Dibujo), Ryan Waterhouse (Dibujo)

Otros autores

Tommy Patterson (Dibujo, Tinta), Ivan Barriga (Dibujo, Tinta)


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