AC Annual Vault Of Heroes

AC Comics

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Bill Black, the publisher and head writer of AC Comics, has been very successful at revitalizing a number of second–tier Golden Age characters and combining them with characters of his own. Known primarily for Femforce, an all–woman group, Black brings the fun and exuberance back to comics with straightforward, unpretentious, super–hero deeds and not a small amount of good–girl art.

AC Annual features new stories about characters from decades ago, like American Crusader, Rocketman, and Jet Girl. The back–story, related in a capsule history on each character’s pinup page, reveals that they voluntarily underwent suspended animation in Jonathan Weir’s Vault of Heroes until such time as the world needed them. Naturally, a crisis precipitated by the Black Shroud necessitated the heroes’ reawakening. Now they’re back to resume crime fighting in the modern era, though their 1940s attitudes make them something of an anachronism.



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