I Breathed A Body

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A supernatural horror book set in Silicon Valley about the voyeurism of violence. Thanks to social media, we’ve become prepared to see death and despair at any moment. Modern social networks are a relentless barrage of provocative content designed to keep us outraged, engaged, and fearful. This book is an indictment of the Big Tech companies who engender and profit from this vitriolic environment.

Anne Stewart, the social media manager of Mylo Caliban, an extremely successful online personality and self-styled prankster, posted something almost unspeakably horrific — something that Anne now has to try to deal with the fallout from, even as it pushes her in even more terrifying directions.


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Zac Thompson (Guión), Andy Macdonald (Dibujo, Tinta), Triona FarrellHassan Otsmane-Elhaou


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