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Toren Smith & Toshi Yoshida translation; Wayne Truman letters


The last of an ancient race of immortals, Pai wants nothing more than to be human. To do this she must track down Yakumo Fuji, the son of her human professor friend. Unfortunately, when she finds Yakumo, her spirit creature accidentally kills him. She saves his life by making him an undead creature. Together, they will search Asia for the artifact that will give Pai her wish and make Fuji normal again.

3x3 Eyes (or Sazan Eyes as it is often called) is Yuzo Takada’s only widely known series published in the U.S. In addition to this five-issue mini-series for Innovation, Yuzo has also done several strips in monthly and biweekly comic strip magazines in Japan.


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Yuzo Takada (Guión, Dibujo, Tinta)


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