Merrick and Crowe

Merrick and Crowe

Lo tengo

Merrick and Crowe

Comic Book 32 pp

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Self contained but sits between Merrick #6-7, and after Doctor Crowe #4.

When Doctor Crowe arrives in London to solve the murder of a police constable, he crosses paths with The Elephantman, who is on a mission of his own to find the missing children of Whitechapel.

Togheter they will fight for their lives to survive the night.

This new one-shot cross-over is a rip-roaring 1880's pulp adventure, bringing together two iconic indie comic characters: Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman, and Corey Fryia and Matt Horak's Doctor Crowe.

All our issues will be printed on high quality 120GSM uncoated bond paper to ensure they look and feel great.

All will be shipped bagged and boarded to ensure they reach you looking as great as they went out.

You'll also be sent digital versions of the issue in .pdf and .cbr formats so you can enjoy issues of Merrick on the move on your tablet, smartphone or PC.

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