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35 comics

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Color pictures with text, 3.5-in. x 4.75-in., newsprint with hardcover, with $0.39 cover price


Whitman published these books from mid-1967 through mid-1969. There are 35 titles. Content was derived from popular comic and television characters.

The first 12 titles appeared in 1967. Each had 3 reprintings identified by their endpapers. Twenty three (23) additional titles were published in 1969, all with plain endpapers.

The books have hard covers with 4-color illustrations on the front covers and a listing of other titles on the back covers. All the books are 256 pages in length. These are the only Whitman BLBs with full-color illustrations throughout the books. The books sold for 39¢.


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Other authors

George S. Elrick (Script), Paul S. Newman (Script), Carl Fallberg (Script), Don Christensen (Script), George Davie (Script), Ivan Tors (Drawing, Inker), William Johnston (Script), Vick LockmanCarl Barks (Drawing, Inker), Floyd Gottfredson (Drawing, Inker)

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