Legend of the Sage

Chaos! Comics

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Comic Book 32 pp


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Chaos! presents a mythical world of fantasy like you've never seen! Victoria Noble never fit in, living in a world of hard realities and harder lessons. She's a dreamer and a romantic. Residing in New York City, Victoria far prefers to live in her books of fantasy and myth, never expecting that her two worlds are about to clash. Though no one on earth realizes it, the world and another co-exist, separated by a gossamer-thin intra-dimensional barrier. That other realm is a wild, primordial one, in which magic and myth reign supreme. An evil wizard-king schemes to merge the two realities, which will destroy Earth in the process! Only a chosen visionary, one who can see in both worlds can save the day. To her surprise, Victoria is that one champion. It's a battle between realms to save the entire multi-universe from evil sorcery! A tale of belief and heroism that will open your imagination!


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Brian Augustyn (Guión), Romano Molenaar (Dibujo), Curtis Arnold


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