Dark Dominion


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In Manhattan, the fear is almost palpable. People don’t look into strangers’ eyes, don’t “mess with other people’s business” for fear of getting into trouble themselves. Dark Dominion plays against this sad reality of urban life in an intriguing way: it tells of how the fear actually does have a form, and stars a man who can actually see it.

That man is Doctor Michael Alexander, whom some people call “Glimmer,” as in “glimmer of hope.” After years of practice, he has found the way to enter the quantum substratum, where he can actually see the creepy-crawlies that feed on fear. They appear as an infestation of monsters covering those that are afflicted. Alexander has learned to conquer his own fears, and now enters the quantum world in order to help others. He had thought he was the only person to be able to do this, but unfortunately he was wrong. And the others who tread this realm have motives that are not nearly as noble as his


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Len Wein (Guión), Joe JamesSteve Leialoha

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J.G. Jones (Dibujo), Janet Jackson (Guión), Jim Shooter (Guión), Louis Small Jr.Mike BarreiroJim Wein (Guión), John Ridgway (Dibujo, Tinta), Charlie Adlard (Dibujo), Steve Ditko (Dibujo)


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