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This comic is perhaps the ultimate exercise in comic book wish-fulfillment. The Good Guys are a group of super-powered youngsters, based on actual people who won Defiant’s “casting call” contest.

It all began when Matt and his younger brother Zack set off for a Rob Liefeld signing at the new Mile High Comics shop. To scrape up some spending money, Matt did the collecting for his paper route—but at house after house, he came up with nothing. In desperation, he went to the spooky Simpson house. There, instead of finding the usual envelope under the mat, the door opened and a woman invited Matt inside. She told him a strange tale, handed him what she said was a magic box, and asked him to bury it for her. Instead, Matt took it with him to the comic shop, where the box acted as the impetus for seven strangers to gain powers which reflected their fondest dreams—and gave another youth the power for incredible destruction


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Jan Childress (Guión), Jim Shooter (Guión)

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Greg BooneJanet Jackson (Guión), Ed Polgardy (Guión), Good GuysCharlie Adlard (Dibujo, Tinta), Alan KupperbergD. G. Chichester (Guión), Robert Laquinta


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