Avengers Arena: The Complete Collection

Avengers Arena: The Complete Collection

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Avengers Arena: The Complete Collection


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Trapped on an isolated island, 16 superhuman teens - including members of the Runaways and Avengers Academy - are given a chilling ultimatum by their demented captor: Fight or die. And only one of them will walk out alive! Thus begins a primal battle that tests the skills, stamina and morals of each combatant. Welcome to Arcade's Murder World - where secrets are plenty, alliances are fleeting, and the key to victory might be rewriting the rules of the game! Cammi and Hazmat battle the mysterious Deathlocket; X-23 and Juston Seyfert's Sentinel join the fray...but who is the killer stalking the heroes in their sleep? Who are the students of the Braddock Academy? And why does Darkhawk equal death? As emotions run high and the bloody fi nal battle draws ever closer, who will fi nd a way to survive?


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  • 978-1-302-91185-0


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