SuperPatriot: War on Terror

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Monthly 4 issue mini-series FROM THE WRITER OF CAPTAIN AMERICA! CONCEPT: Super soldier, Johnny Armstrong has been battling the forces of evil since World War II. In the early '90s it seemed that career had come to an end, his arms and legs missing, the result of a deadly battle with Chicago's notorious Vicious Circle. His broken body was rebuilt into the ultimate killing machine. More machine than man, Johnny has settled into life with his new wife, Claire Bono. They're thinking of buying a cat. THIS ISSUE: Wedded bliss has never been so... Patriotic. Johnny moves in with Claire and learns that it doesn't matter how many times you've saved the world, you have to leave the toilet seat down. The marriage is off to a rocky start... and things go from bad to worse when the dreaded Baron Blitzkrieg returns!


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Robert KirkmanE. J. Su

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Bill Crabtree


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