Batman vs. The Joker

Batman vs. The Joker

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Batman vs. The Joker

Softcover 176 pp

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Batman (DC, 1940 series) #251, #429, #614

Detective Comics (DC, 1937 series) #475-476

Batman (DC, 2011 series) #40

Batman: Europa (DC, 2016 series) #1.

Of all the villains that threaten Gotham City, none is more dangerous—or more persistent—than the Harlequin of Hate himself, the Joker!

As Batman’s oldest and deadliest foe, this mirthful maniac has served as a fearsome foil to the stoic Dark Knight for decades—and become public enemy number one in the process!

More deranged, murderous and resourceful than all of Gotham’s other rogues put together, the Joker won’t quit until the entire world sinks with him into insanity—something that Batman will never allow!

Neither one will rest until the other is defeated—and so the battle continues!

Featuring career-defining work from such legendary talents as Dennis O’Neil, Neal Adams, Jim Starlin, Marshall Rogers, Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Brian Azzarello and Greg Capullo, BATMAN VS. THE JOKER collects seven of these iconic antagonists’ most memorable confrontations for the first time in a single volume—available exclusively from Barnes & Noble!

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