Mutant World and Son of Mutant World

Mutant World and Son of Mutant World

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Mutant World and Son of Mutant World

Hardcover 160 pp

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A hardback, collector's edition of two graphic novels for mature readers. Full-color, 160 letter-sized pages, with bonus material. Out of print for more than thirty years, this is the definitive edition. Written by Richard Corben and Jan Strnad, illustrated by Richard Corben


The series was Mutant World, a post-apocalyptic tale about a mutant named "Dimento" and his quest for love and survival in a world that no longer harbors love for living things. In the course of his adventure he runs afoul of wild beasts, a religious fanatic, sewer creatures, mad scientists, and devious mutants determined to cheat him out of his hard-won foodstuffs.

The series' publication in the pages of 1984 magazine was marred by the machinations of an editor who butchered dialogue and rearranged panels on a whim, without consent and sometimes blatantly against creators' wishes.

The story was finally seen as we intended it a few years later when Richard and Catalan Communications published the graphic novel, restoring my original dialogue and adding eight new pages to deepen the story and smooth the transitions between chapters (bringing the total to 72 pages).

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