The New Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis: The Complete Collection

Marvel Comics

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Softcover 392-504 pp


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Award-winning writer Brian Michael Bendis transforms Earth's Mightiest Heroes! But before he can build his New Avengers, he must disassemble the old ones! In the team's darkest day, one of their own tears them apart - seemingly forever! But when Electro triggers a breakout at super-villain prison the Raft, Captain America and Iron Man find themselves fighting alongside a new, and very different, group of allies. Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage and Spider-Woman join the new order as the Avengers are reborn! But will the mysterious Sentry add the power of a million exploding suns to the lineup? First he needs to figure out who he is! One glorious era ends, and another age of greatness begins!


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Brian Michael Bendis (Guión)

Otros autores

Jim Cheung (Dibujo), Alex Maleev (Dibujo), Mike Deodato Jr (Dibujo), Michael Gaydos (Dibujo), Steve McNiven (Dibujo), Daniel Acuña (Dibujo), Stuart Immonen (Dibujo), Leinil Francis Yu (Dibujo), David Finch (Dibujo), Howard Chaykin (Dibujo)...


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