Countdown to Adventure

Countdown to Adventure

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Countdown to Adventure

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Collects Countdown to Adventure 1 - 8

The three heroes who fought galactic despot Lady Styx during 52 - Animal Man, Starfire and Adam Strange - have finally made it home...but their problems are just beginning!As Animal Man and Starfire - stripped of her powers - return to Earth, there's trouble domestic and otherwise as a mysterious virus ravages Los Angeles and threatens Buddy's family. Meanwhile, a similar, rage-inducing virus has surfaced on Rann, where former planetary hero Adam Strange has become public enemy number one! What connects these virii and the death-cult of Lady Styx?Writers Adam Beechen (Robin) and Justin Gray (Jonah Hex) - ably assisted by a host of artists - present the continuing adventures of the spacefaring trio, as last seen in 52!


Countdown to Adventure was an eight-issue limited series with each issue containing two stories. The first vignette featured Adam Strange and included guest appearances by Animal Man and Starfire. All three heroes shared an outer space adventure with one another in the 2006 weekly series 52. The back-up feature focused on Forerunner, a character that was introduced in the pages of Countdown. The Forerunner vignette chronicled her origin as well as her relationship to Monarch.




Adam Strange, Animal Man, Starfire, Forerunner


Lady Styx, Monarch


Golden Eagle

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