Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer

Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer

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Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer

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Collects Countdown Search for Ray Palmer: Wildstorm (2007), Crime Society (2007), Red Rain (2007), Gotham by Gaslight (2008), Red Son (2007), Superwoman/Batwoman (2008).

Former Robin Jason Todd, ex-Wonder Girl Donna Troy and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner are searching for the Atom, Ray Palmer - and the fate of the multiverse is at stake! Now, join them on their multiverse-spanning quest, as they travel from alternate reality to alternate reality, battling the heroes (and anti-heroes) of the WildStorm universe, including the Authority; taking on the lethal Crime Society; discovering a world where Batman is a vampire; meeting a steampunk Batman and Blue Beetle; facing off against a Communist Superman; and encountering Superwoman and Batwoman! Written and drawn by a host of top talents, this whirlwind trip through alternate Earths is a must-have companion to the hit series "Countdown to Final Crisis!"


The Monitor known as "Bob" is told by the Source Wall that a Great Disaster of dire consequences is coming to the Multiverse, and that the sole key to preventing it is within one man: "Ray Palmer." However, Bob has recently become unpopular with his fellow Monitors, as the tirades of his much more aggressive brother "Solomon" have riled them up into a violent mob.

When a being crosses between two universes, they damage the border between realities, and in theory, enough of this traffic could destroy the universe. While Solomon has convinced the others that such incongruities must be purged, and is in favor of outright murdering "world-hoppers," Solomon alone tries to enforce the sanctity of all life, and is forced to go rogue with a team of "Incongruities to the Multiverse" to achieve his ends.

The others Monitors already begin their assaults, sending out their top assassin "Viza'Aziv" of the Forerunner race, beings bred specifically as perfect assassins by the Monitor of Earth-48. Although "Forerunner" nearly kills Donna Troy and Jason Todd, they are rescued by Bob, who convinces them to join his new team to "Search for Ray Palmer." Ryan Choi, the new "Atom," is also convinced to aid in the effort to search for his former mentor.

After learning from a young mystic that Ray Palmer is journeying in the Multiverse and Ryan Choi unexpectedly departs from the group after having facing the evil sorceress Belthera, Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern, joins the group, dubbing themselves the Challengers, and continues their search for Ray Palmer throughout the 52 Multiverse.

The Challengers travel across the Multiverse as they try to avoid conflict with the Monitors particularly lead by Monitor Solomon who wants the "anomalies" destroy in order to prevent another crisis, and often encountering the Monarch who recruits superpowered beings of each realities into his army in his war against the Monitors. Eventually the team discovers Ray Palmer on the peaceful world of Earth-51.


Running Wild

The Challengers venture into the Worldstorm Universe and meeting this reality's heroes in their search for Ray Palmer.

The Jokester's Last Laugh

As the Challengers fights alongside with the Jokester against the Crime Society of Earth-8, the Jokester reflects his origins.

Red Robin

In Gotham where vampires exists, the Challengers must stop a vampire hunter from killing the vampire lord of the city: Batman.

Night of the Bat

The Challengers find themselves in a Victorian era world and helps its Batman and Blue Beetle in solving the mysterious threat of Man-Bat.

Яed Son

Having briefly encountered a world where the Soviet Union is under the authority of a communist raised Superman, the Challengers are involved with a freedom fighter Batman in overthrowing the Man of Steel.


In a gender-reversed world, the Challengers are in between a war between the world and Wonderman's Amazonian Men.

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