American Splendor: On the Job

American Splendor: On the Job

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American Splendor: On the Job

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Harvey Pekar, master of the autobiographical graphic novel, returns with three more slices from the cake of life. In "Why Don't They Let Us Out?" Harvey is trapped at his hospital job two days before Christmas. Nothing much is happening, and Harvey is forced to make life interesting for himself. Things aren't so simple, though, in "Veteran's Rights." Harvey comes up against a bullheaded supervisor in another department, sparking a war of wits and red tape -- proving that Harvey truly is a soldier for the working class. Both of these stories are illustrated by Frank Stack, the legendary artist who teamed with Harvey on the award winning graphic novel, Our Cancer Year. Finally, Joe Sacco, the acclaimed creator of Palestine, illustrates "Efficiency," Harvey's guide to and failure at squeezing the most out of one's life. This issue features a painted front cover by Frank Stack and a back cover by Joe Zabel

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