The Vinyl Underground

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Inglés (Estados Unidos), DC Comics / Vertigo

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  • The Vinyl Underground (Comic-Book) #1
  • The Vinyl Underground (Comic-Book) #2
  • The Vinyl Underground (Comic-Book) #3
  • The Vinyl Underground (Comic-Book) #4
  • The Vinyl Underground (Comic-Book) #5
  • The Vinyl Underground (Comic-Book) #6
  • The Vinyl Underground (Comic-Book) #7
  • The Vinyl Underground (Comic-Book) #8
  • The Vinyl Underground (Comic-Book) #9

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Si Spencer (Guión), Simon Gane (Dibujo), Cameron Stewart (Tinta), Guy Major (Color), Jared K. Fletcher

Otros autores

Ryan Kelly (Tinta)


Noted British television writer Si Spencer (Eastenders, Torchwood, Bad Girls) presents a sharp, unforgettable cadence in THE VINYL UNDERGROUND, a 21st century cross between THE INVISIBLES and CSI that brings rich social and political context to the dark, glittering cesspool that is London. Spencer is joined by indie creator/penciller Simon Gane (Paris, Punk Strips) and Eisner-nominated artist Cameron Stewart (the Other Side, SeaGuy) with bold, captivating covers by by Sean Phillips (The Invisibles, Criminal).

In this fast-paced, ultra-cool ongoing crime-noir series, an unlikely quartet of occult detectives secretly solve crimes — from DJ crack bars in Camden to the elegant, high-society ballrooms that make up modern London. The Vinyl Underground is led by Morrison Shepherd, a D-list celebrity darling, soul DJ, and son of an ex-footballer. Fresh out of prison and off a nasty coke habit, Morrison is joined by a fellow ex-con named Perv, whose seizures give him clues to crimes long before the cops, and Leah, a gorgeous morgue assistant who leads a double life online and represents the brawn of the team.

Morrison's ex-flame Abi is reluctantly forced to join the team when her father is implicated for murder. A young boy's head (with diamonds in the eye sockets) washes up on the edge of the Thames and seems to be connected to a series of ritual killings, a drug called Khat, and Muti magic. Can they get to the bottom of it?



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