The Transformers 0 (2005)

The Transformers 0 (2005)

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The Transformers 0 (2005)

Comic Book 16 pp

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The new era for Transformers begins now! After too-long an absence, the Robots in Disguise are back in comics form! This is the beginning of an all-new storyline and continuity that relaunches the Transformers from the ground up. If you've always been curious about these giant, transforming robots, this is the perfect jumping-on point! In this specially priced introductory issue, legendary Transformers writer Simon Furman is joined by artist EJ Su in presenting 'Transformers: Prelude to Infiltration,' the opening salvo in an upcoming six-part saga that returns the Transformers to glory. In this 16-page tale, runaway Verity Carlo absconds with a mini-computer that just might hold bigger secrets than she's prepared to handle. And when she's made aware of a larger conspiracy that involves gigantic alien robots, well, the skeptic in her refuses to believe what she's been told. Until she has no choice but to believe if she wants to survive at all... also contained in this 0 issue are interviews with the Transformers comics creators and a hint of what's to come in our new, ongoing Transformers series in January '06. Plus, more variant covers than you can shake a Decepticon at!

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