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Featuring MAKO FINN and SPACE CADET, this issue kicks off with a mystery originating under the sea. As Mako sleeps, he’s visited in the night by a most unlikely suitor. But something is definitely wrong with this visitor, and he may not be acting of his own volition.

While Mako puzzles over these strange developments, the Durand family hits the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation. Byron Durand AKA SPACE CADET and his father EMIL are in for quite a shock when bizarrely bedeviled seaweed with a singular purpose begins to attack men on the beach. Don’t let this crap get on your skin, or you’ll lose all willpower and become a raving sex maniac with a massive boner, just looking to stick anywhere you can.

Pandemonium erupts on the beach, but maybe the combined efforts of MAKO FINN and SPACE CADET can put an end to this ocean-born threat. But will they be in time to save Emil? And worse still, if they’re compromised, then who the heck will save them?

The ocean’s revealing an incredible secret and it’s one that will rock the Class Comics Universe to it’s very foundation! Let’s hope MAKO and SPACE CADET are hero enough to solve this mystery before it’s too late!

Written by PATRICK FILLION and illustrated with abandon by DAVID CANTERO, CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 is the ULTIMATE Summer Comic. It’s hot, raunchy, funny, dramatic and surprising. It’s the perfect way to keep cool under the heat of the sun!


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David CanteroPatrick Fillion



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1 10/08/2015

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