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Rústica, color, 26 x 17 cm, 176 pp $19,99


April 24, 1945. The world holds its collective breath as the war is only days away from ending. Russian troops move through Germany to the final objective... Hitler himself. As those around the mad dictator crumble, the much ridiculed threats of the "Wunderwafen" materialize. A new weapon is delivered, one with unstoppable power - a weapon like no other and with a madman pulling the trigger. The Ubers change the direction of World War II, providing a dark and uncompromising alternative history in a way that you've never seen. Kieron Gillen and Caanan White deliver one of the best new series of 2013 with Uber Volume 1, collecting issues #0-5 the startling first chapter of this new horror series that reimagines the super soldier in a stark, new, bloody vision.


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Kieron Gillen (Guión), Canaan White (Dibujo)

Otros autores

Daniel Gete (Dibujo), Gabriel Andrade (Dibujo)



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