Rising Stars: Visitations

Rising Stars: Visitations

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Rising Stars: Visitations


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Collectsd Rising Stars (1999-2005) #0, Rising Stars (1999) 1/2, and Rising Stars (1999) Preview Edition. Written by J. Michael Straczynski. Art by Gary Frank, Christian Zanier, Keu Cha, and Jason Gorder . Collected together for the first time, you can now get your hands on some of J. Michael Straczynski's most sought after Rising Stars stories. Including the rare zero issue with an additional 6 page story illustrated by Gary Frank, the limited 1/2 issue, and the very FIRST Rising Stars Preview issue, this incredible collection showcasing several unique tales of the Specials is not to be missed! Plus, with added sketches and an all new cover by Brent Anderson, this great collection is sure to find a home with you!

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  • 15824-02-68-X
  • 9781582402680-00899


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