Transformers- More Than Meets The eye

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The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye is an ongoing comic series published by IDW Publishing, starting in January 2012. This series follows the adventures of Rodimus and his team as they travel through space, hunting for the legendary Knights of Cybertron and having adventures along the way. But mostly it's about lonely nobodies hanging out pretending they have friends.

The series picks off from "The Death of Optimus Prime", the epilogue to the previous ongoing, and takes place at the same time as a second ongoing series, Robots in Disguise, which together form the fourth major "act" of IDW's ongoing Generation 1 continuity.


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James Roberts

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Alex Milne (Dibujo, Tinta), Joana Lafuente (Color), Atilio Rojo (Dibujo, Tinta), Brian Shearer (Tinta), Hayato Sakamoto (Dibujo, Tinta), John BarberJames RaizLivio RamondelliBrendan Cahill (Dibujo), Nick Roche...


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