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"My history and relationship with Grendel are my oldest, professionally. Grendel was, really, the first character I built any sort of continuity about. Anyone involved with this medium in any way will know what I mean when I say everyone has spawned dozens of extranormal extras over the years. Such was the case with me, but Grendel was really the first one that I attempted to build from a central idea. This has, in the end, become the character's greatest strenght. Grendel is formulated aggression.

In its early years, the character examined this through a discourse of the similarities between so-called "good" and "evil". Eventually, a change in the format and scheduling of my involvement with the character resulted in a shift in the emphasis to the Machiavellian aspects of Grendel. Now, I am presented with the opportunity to examine aggression in a nearly endless myriad of characters and stories. In the course of this series, I see the essence of Grendel making itself evident in so very many ways.Aggression has worn, and always will wear a number of faces and know a lot of names.So will Grendel. Grendel, for all this universal viciousness, holds a special meaning for both Comico and myself. As we were all three, really, virgins together, it speaks a subtle irony that we should celebrate success and forge ahead together. We're proud of Grendel. He'd be proud of us."

- Matt Wagner


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Matt Wagner (Script)

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Bob PinahaJoe Matt (Color), Tom Vincent (Color), Jay Geldhof (Drawing, Inker), Bernie Mireault (Drawing, Inker, Color), Arnold Pander (Drawing, Inker), Steve HaynieJacob Pander (Drawing, Inker), Tim Sale (Drawing, Inker), John K. Snyder III (Drawing, Inker)...

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