Booster Gold Vol. 2 (2007-2011) #7

Booster Gold Vol. 2 (2007-2011) #7

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Back in Action!

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Booster Gold Vol. 2 (2007-2011)

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Booster and Beetle return to a present-day overun with O.M.A.C.s and seek refuge in the old JLI embassy in London, where Catherine Colbert gets them up to speed on the situation before becoming an O.M.A.C. and turning on the duo. But the underground shows up to save them in the form of Hawkman and Green Arrow. In the far-distant past, the Blue Beetle from the 27th century, now called the Black Beetle, retrieves Booster's father and takes him to a meeting of the Time Stealers at Vanishing Point.

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