Rip Kirby #11

Rip Kirby #11

1973 - 1975

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Rip Kirby

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In these 11 stories, Rip Kirby takes part in an oldstyle shootout in a nearlydeserted Western ghost town, battles the deadly Owl and the Pussycat over a hidden stash of heroin, and rubs a magic lamp the wrong way in a Turkish bazaar. After learning he is the doppelganger of the crown prince of a postage stampsized country, the bespectacled detective follows the trail of a counterfeit two million before being framed by a paroled con man who wants to get even with Rip for making him play second fiddle in the prison orchestra. Plusthe long awaited return of the Rip's original girlfriend, Honey Dorian, as well as his archnemesis, the deadly Mangler! The more than 800 sequential comics from January 22, 1973 to October 11, 1975 also feature Rip's new girlfriend Holly Glowstep, and standbys such as Desmond, Wiggins, and Ma Casino

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