Ultimate Spider-Man (2000-2009; 2011) #37

Ultimate Spider-Man (2000-2009; 2011) #37


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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000-2009; 2011)

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Awaking from a nightmare of the recent events with the symbiote, Peter travels to Mary Jane’s house to explain his feelings. Emptying all his feelings out, Peter tells Mary Jane that he loves her and wishes their fight had never happened. Mary Jane, although shows love for Peter, simply cannot take the stress of Peter’s secret life and turns her cheek on him.

Meanwhile, at the laboratory, Eddie has let the symbiote take control of him and he devours a janitor and two security guards for energy.

At Midtown High on a particular rainy day, Peter’s spider senses go off to reveal Venom lurking outside waiting for him. Peter sneaks out of the classroom to go and confront the black menace. Upon arriving, Peter learns that the black symbiote is actually attached to Eddie himself.

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