Batman Arkham #12

Batman Arkham #12

Ra's Al Ghul

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Batman Arkham

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232 pages.

Like Batman, Ra's al Ghul is wealthy and intelligent. He's also a brilliant strategist and a master martial artist. Unlike Batman, however, he's immortal, and the leader of a deadly and elite warrior alliance known as the League of Assassins.

Over the years, Ra's al Ghul has proven to be one of the Dark Knight's most dangerous and destructive adversaries. Known worldwide as the Demon's Head, he is the only person capable of going toe-to-toe with Batman on every level, mentally and physically. Now, for the first time, the greatest tales of Ra's al Ghul and Batman are collected in one amazing anthology.

Featuring the combined talents of Denny O'Neil, Greg Rucka, Peter J. Tomasi, Peter Milligan, Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, Michael Golden and Jim Aparo, Batman Arkham: Ra's al Ghul collects Batman #232 and #243-244, Batman Annual #26, Batman and Robin #23.3, DC Special Series #15, The Brave and the Bold #159, Detective Comics #750 and Nightwing #152. Also included is a Ra's al Ghul profile from Who's Who in the DC Universe #13.

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