Swords of Valor #1

Swords of Valor #1

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Swords of Valor

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Painted cover art by Frank Frazetta. "Kuno Son of Steel," script and art by Gene Day; A band of Vikings are washed ashore on an unknown land; Trekking inwards looking for landmarks, they are attacked by wolves and Kuno is left to die. "The Tower Maiden," script by Nicola Cuti, art by Tom Sutton; Price Harvard fights off water sprites, vampire bats and an ogre to reach the maiden in the tower. "The Feud," script by Steve Skeates, art by Jim Aparo; King Beowulf is unhappy about the feud between Hrothelac and Garmscio; He demands that they each bring proof of their claims to him for judgement. "Sir Lancelot and the Haunted Tower," art by Dick Giordano; Lancelot defeats Duc de Fer and frees the Lady Barbara. "Through The Time Warp," art by John Buscema; Asa's experiments accidentally create a passage to a world of knights and dragons. "Cursed Sword," script by Richard Hughes (as Charles La Coste), art by Tom Hickey; After expelling an old man from town the townsfolk believe to be a wizard, the Duke De Severne receives a sword which brings tragedy to him and his descendants. "The Black Flight!", script by Kurato Osaki, art by Edd Ashe; Friar Sanders relates the story of the Black Flight to Dorain; Years later he uses that information to free himself and Lady Hilda from Merlin's clutches. 52 pgs., B&W

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