Nova by Abnett & Lanning: The Complete Collection #1

Nova by Abnett & Lanning: The Complete Collection #1

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Nova by Abnett & Lanning: The Complete Collection

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Collects Annihilation: Nova (2006) #1-4, Nova (2007-2010 4th Series) #1-15, Nova (2007-2010 4th Series) Annual #1 and material from Nova: The Origin of Richard Rider (2009 Marvel).

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning propel the Human Rocket to glory! When the horrifying Annihilation Wave swarms across the galaxy, Richard Rider, the man called Nova, must step up - and become one of the galaxy's greatest heroes! In the wake of the chaos, a desperate cosmos cries out for law and order. But can one lone human being police an entire universe? Join Nova on the road to Knowhere - but what will he find there? And who is...Cosmo? Rich will barely have time to catch his breath before another Annihilation event begins - with a deadly race on a quest for conquest! And will Nova find love with the deadliest woman in the galaxy - Gamora?! All this, and Galactus too!

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