Namor: The First Mutant (2010-2011) #6

Namor: The First Mutant (2010-2011) #6

Namor Goes To Hell (Part 1)

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Namor: The First Mutant (2010-2011)

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After studying Loa, Dr. Nemesis concludes that the Atlantean Amulet had permanently changed Alani's physiology due to the way it reacted with her X-Gene; even without it she could breathe underwater. However, the transformation had not ceased when the Amulet was removed. Within four to five hours, she would be unable to breathe air.

Namor himself broke the news to Alani, who took the news badly. Inexplicably, specters emerged from the Amulet and dragged Namor back inside to Hell.

Namor finds himself in a desert, taunted by skeleton-headed creatures. Any water he finds retreats from him. He then comes across the disembodied heads of dead Atlanteans, including General Kadar.

Psychic probes from Emma Frost determined that Alani had not done anything consciously or subconsciously to cause it. The Logomancer determines that Wolverine's recent escape from Hell has softened the borders between realms, allowing the spirits to use the Amulet as a channel to kidnap Namor.

In Hell, Namor finally finds his way to an ocean. Upon diving in, he is assailed by a giant skull-headed octopus and is surprised that the water hasn't restored his strength. The ocean is revealed to be an illusion, and the skeleton-headed creatures reveal their identities to Namor; they are the dead Kings of Ancient Atlantis.

Back in New Atlantis, the options to rescue Namor have proven to be few and difficult. However, an unexpected guest has arrived to offer assistance: Doctor Doom.

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