Witchblade #1

Witchblade #1

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Police officer Sara Pezzini dresses to kill and engages in an unauthorized sting of a group of local drug dealers; She is chewed out by her boss for her antics and because she endangered her partner, Michael Yee, who was already undercover on the operation; During the interrogation of drug informant, Drexler, Sara and Michael learn about something big going down at the old Rialto theatre on that very night; On their way to the Rialto, Sara and Michael are called to a crime scene where the victim has literally been cooked from the inside out; Superstar businessman, Kenneth Irons, and his deadly bodyguard, Nottingham, begin their tournament by offering paying attendees a chance to try on a mystic gauntlet called the Witchblade; Sara has snuck in solo and watches in horror as mob boss, Cugliani, sticks his hand into the Witchblade and has it burned off; Irons' men catch Michael lurking about outside and prepare to execute him; Sara leaps in the way of a hail of gunfire and both she and Michael are shot; Wounded and reaching out for any weapon she can use, Sara comes into contact with the Witchblade which grafts onto her hand as she begins to blast the bad guys; Sara quickly clears the room but it is too late for Michael who doesn't survive the experience.

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