The Man-Thing by Steve Gerber - The Complete Collection #1

The Man-Thing by Steve Gerber - The Complete Collection #1

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The Man-Thing by Steve Gerber - The Complete Collection

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Marvel's melancholy muck-monster, by the man who knows him best! With the Nexus of All Realities as the ultimate staging post, prepare for the wildest journeys of your life in this fi rst volume of a complete collection of Steve Gerber's Man-Thing tales! Join the most startling swamp-creature of all in encounters with the Thing, sorcerers Dakimh and Jennifer Kale, and the most far-out fowl ever created, Howard the Duck! Plus existential angst, clashes with the modern world, and the death of a clown! COLLECTING: ASTONISHING TALES (1970) 12-13, FEAR 11-19, MARVEL TWO-INONE 1, MAN-THING (1974) 1-8; MATERIAL FROM SAVAGE TALES (1971) 1, FEAR 10, MONSTERS UNLEASHED 5

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