Bloodshot (2019) #1

Bloodshot (2019) #1

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Bloodshot (2019)

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Bloodshot, the unstoppable supersoldier trapped in a never-ending war…

Once, he was the perfect living weapon, created to follow orders. Now, Bloodshot works alone, using his lethal skills to protect those who cannot protect themselves. But a mysterious and powerful organization is watching, and they’re not about to let something as dangerous as Bloodshot remain free…

From electrifying writer Tim Seeley (Revival) and superstar comic artists Brett Booth (Teen Titans) and Tomás Giorello (X-O MANOWAR), comes an all-new, pulse pounding Bloodshot adventure that will set the ultimate soldier on a mission to make sure the future isn't weaponized.

Collecting BLOODSHOT (2019) #1–3, along with material from the VALIANT: BLOODSHOT FCBD 2019 SPECIAL.

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  • 16821-53-42-8
  • 978-1-682-15342-0

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