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Infinity Wars 2018 63 cómics


Lista de lectura en ingles infinty wars de marvel

As you can imagine, the Infinity Stones are dangerous in the wrong hands. You just have to look at Thanos’ track record in order to see how much potential damage they can inflict throughout the universe. Readers have recently seen this again in Infinity Countdown, with the Infinity Stones reappearing and revealing all kinds of secrets within them. Heroes and villains everywhere have dashed to try and get their hands on them, but it will become an all-out war in Marvel’s latest cosmic event – Infinity Wars.

Who will hold the Infinity Stones and what will they do when they have them? You’ll have to read the series to find out!

To make sure that you’re reading this cosmic event without any confusion, I have put together the Infinity Wars Reading Order Checklist. In it is the recommended reading order, background reading, as well as additional detail such as release dates and creative teams. Soon you’ll be able to cruise into Marvel’s latest event with no issues at all.



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