The Living Corpse: Haunted

The Living Corpse: Haunted

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The Living Corpse: Haunted

Comic Book 32 pp

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The groundbreaking series is back and reintroduced to a new generation of horror fans! Join the maestros of monsters, Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson for a romp through a nightmare landscape of terrifying tales!

This is an all-new print of the sold out, fright-filled, knuckle-biting, pants-wetting one-shot featuring three standalone Living Corpse stories!

First a haunting at an abandoned mental institution brings The Living Corpse out to investigate an army of feeble-minded ghosts to unlock the secret of the evil Doctor Death!

Also, The Living Corpse meets Mumbles The Clown and the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe!

Join the Corpse Crew for more hardcore horror than you can shake a hatchet at!

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