The Genga Art of Doraemon

The Genga Art of Doraemon

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The Genga Art of Doraemon

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The first full-scale art book in the history of "Doraemon"!

Fujiko F. Fujio's manga is a "work" in which each frame can be viewed as a painting. In this book, we carefully selected the frames of "Doraemon" from an artistic point of view with seven themes. The original picture will be enlarged and posted.

Gorgeous first privilege for gorgeous writing team. You can enjoy Genga Art of "Doraemon" in every corner with the following 8 major elements.

1. Comes in a special case with gold leaf and transparent foil processing. It's a permanent book!

2. Realistic printing using enlarged original images taken at twice the resolution for normal printing!

3. More than 130 original drawings in color and monochrome are posted! Enlarged original drawings are carefully selected by art writer Mari Hashimoto.

4. In addition, Mari Hashimoto wrote 7 special columns that approach "Doraemon" from the perspective of Japanese art!

5. Includes a special dialogue between Naoki Urasawa and Shintaro Mugiwara! Discuss the drawing style of "Doraemon"!

6. The separate volume is a masterpiece that you can read in the original size! "Retract to Yurei Castle". All pages are posted.

7. First-time limited benefits! Includes 2 "extra-large art cards" that can be framed to decorate the original picture (six-cut size)

8. Bringing the splendor of the picture of "Doraemon" to the world. Full text English translation included.

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