King in Black: Avengers

King in Black: Avengers

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King in Black: Avengers

Softcover 200 pp

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Full color. Cover price $19.99.


Collects King in Black: Black Panther (2021 Marvel), King in Black: Captain America (2021 Marvel), King in Black: Ghost Rider (2021 Marvel), King in Black: Immortal Hulk (2020 Marvel), King in Black: Iron Man/Doom (2020 Marvel), and King in Black: Wiccan and Hulking (2021 Marvel). Cover by Jim Cheung. Back Cover by Leinil Francis Yu.

Knull's invasion tests Earth's Mightiest Heroes to their limits!

T'Challa's most treasured allies have been lost - and once again, the Black Panther must choose between his role as a king and the yearnings of his heart! Captain America, aided by the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, faces a brutal battle against darkness! Knull raises fresh hell for Ghost Rider! Joe Fixit is out to make sure this is the best holiday the Hulk's ever had - he just has to fight his way through a planet of symbiotes first! Iron Man and Doctor Doom are forced together to battle an all-too-familiar specter of the festive season! And on vacation in the Shi'ar galaxy, newlyweds Wiccan and Hulkling face a honeymoon to die for!

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  • 978-1-302-93034-9


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