The Wood Boy

The Wood Boy

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The Wood Boy

Comic Book 32 pp

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THE WOOD BOY is an adaptation of the short story by fantasy master RAYMOND E. FEIST that first appeared in the LEGENDS anthology (edited by ROBERT SILVERBERG) and that offers a unique side story to the events depicted in his beloved book, MAGICIAN. A tale of courage, romance, and betrayal, THE WOOD BOY is an exciting story that offers readers an excellent introduction to Feist's RIFTWAR SAGA. THIS ISSUE: The realm of Midkemia is under invasion as the Tsurani, strange invaders from an alien culture on another world, emerge from the rifts to conquer the land and seize its metals. And, while the heroes of the RIFTWAR SAGA begin to fight against these strange new foes, a young boy named Dirk finds himself the youngest slave on the Lord Paul's estate, where the Tsurani have established a base camp and settled in for the winter. In this new role, Dirk learns very quickly to keep his mouth closed and his eyes on his feet. But will it be enough to keep him alive as he survives the strange warrior culture of the Tsurani?

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