Dungeon is Back! - Free Comic Book Day 2021

Dungeon is Back! - Free Comic Book Day 2021

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Dungeon is Back! - Free Comic Book Day 2021

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The epic saga spoof of Dungeons & Dragons and an inspiration to the likes of Adventure Time, is back with a highly anticipated all-new volume in the height of Dungeon's power coming in November!

In this preview: to reclaim the Dungeon that fell to the scheming William Delacour, the plan is simple: Marvin the dragon, Isis and Herbert the duck must find some magic 'fugus purit' and use it to dislodge the current occupants of the fortress. But is this really the Guardian's plan? Our heroes will have to fight against everyone to save the Dungeon. Meanwhile, will Marvin succeed in his engagement blast-of-firebreath 'Tong Deum'?

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