Blood Ties

Blood Ties

Lo tengo

Blood Ties

Hardcover 56 pp

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10-in. x 13-in., full color. Cover price $59.95.


The first in a series of European graphic novels brought to the U.S. by Dark Horse Comics, Blood Ties features the stunning art of Hermann. He is one of Europe's leading comic artists and the creator of Jeremiah, The Towers of Bois-Maury, Caatinga, Nick, Sarajevo Tango, Wild Bill, and many others. While investigating a series of horrible crimes, junior detective Sam Leighton discovers the squalid reality of the big city. The murders are the work of Joe Beaumont -- a man as powerful as he is paranoid. Joe only appears in public to attend the shows of his beautiful wife Gladys, an alcoholic and a frustrated cabaret dancer. Sam's mysterious partner, Phillip Meadows, puts Gladys in Sam's way hoping that she will lead them to Beaumont regardless of the danger to Sam!

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