Salimba - Deluxe Graphic Novel

Salimba - Deluxe Graphic Novel

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Salimba - Deluxe Graphic Novel

Softcover 76 pp

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7-in x 10-in., B&W. Cover price $3.50


Cover by Paul Chadwick. Reprints Salimba 3-D (1986 Blackthorne) #1-2 (but this issue is not 3-D). Chadwick creates a jungle warrior in the tradition of Sheena and Taanda, and the first such character to be an African native. Salimba is the immortal queen of a lost African kingdom. With superhuman powers and two panther companions, she protects her people and the jungle itself, as she has for centuries. Salimba encounters a cursed pirate crew and its handsome leader. Then she pursues a zombie gorilla to the castle of the Dogwoman, a powerful magical entity, and learns that the demon-creature wants her heart. But the secret of the bizarre, snake-like Wormboy is even more bizarre. Featuring early art by Paul Chadwick, already well-known for Concrete – in fact, he gets first billing on the cover. Pirate's Heart!; Salimba; Wormboy Heaven.

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