The Order: Die Mensch Maschine

The Order: Die Mensch Maschine

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The Order: Die Mensch Maschine

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THE WORLD AND HUMAN HISTORY IS AT STAKE! When Anna Kohl’s quest to discover the fate of her missing father leads her to the mechanical knight, Ritterstahl and a group of her father’s old comrades, she discovers that he was a part of a secret organisation dedicated to fighting the fiendish extra-dimensional Wurms!

The vile invaders are back once again and only the centuries-old Order can stop them. Specially equipped to fight these horrific creatures, the once mighty warriors and ingenious intellects have been ravaged by time. Can the Order prevent all reality from unravelling?

From medieval Prague to the streets of Elizabethan London, wherever and whenever the Wurms appear, The Order will be waiting with their blades, gunnes and rocket-bombes!

Stories include:

The Order

In the Court of the Wyrmqueen

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