Dr. Mesmer's Revenge

Dr. Mesmer's Revenge

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Dr. Mesmer's Revenge

Hardcover 128 pp

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After several artefacts are stolen from his home, the mysterious Egyptologist Dr. Mesmer resurrects a five-thousand-year-old mummy called Angor – a Pharaoh possessed with great mystical power. Together they set out to retrieve the missing items, bringing terror and destruction in their wake!

Can anybody stop them? Both the army and constabulary will need to work together in order to stop Dr. Mesmer and his unearthly ally! Spanish superstar artist Carlos Cruz (Dan Dare) and Donne Avenell (The Saint), bring you a complete tale of bandage-wrapped terror and mayhem!

Originally serialised in Lion and Thunder from 16th October 1971 - 21st October 1972.

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