History of the DC Universe

History of the DC Universe

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History of the DC Universe

Hardcover 130 pp

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Full color. Limited to 10,000 copies. Cover price $35.00.


Collects History of the DC Universe (1986) #1-2. Painted cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.

This unique project, which spun out of the universe-changing events of "Crisis On Infinite Earths," tells the entire history of the first super-hero universe in the industry! It covers everything from he creation of the DCU and goes through the far flung future of the Legion of Super Heroes. Includes almost 30 pages of extra material not in original comics nor the TPB. New material and complete hardcover package produced by Graphitti Designs. Introduction by Marv Wolfman. Afterword by Frank Miller. Includes essays and personal reminiscences from Neal Adams, Julius Schwartz, Jerry Siegel, Bob Kane, Joe Kubert, Roy Thomas, Paul Levitz, Len Wein, Jack Kirby, Ramona Fradon & George Perez, plus additional art from Adams, Joe Shuster, Dick Sprang, Kubert, Kurt Schaffenberger, Steve Lightle, Steve Bissette & John Totleben, Kirby & Steve Rude, Fradon, Miller, Trina Robbins & Perez. Also: DC characters jam gatefold poster by Sheldon Mayer, Art Adams, Joe Kubert, Jim Mooney, Jim Aparo, Bissette & Totleben, Denys Cowan, P. Craig Russell, Mart Nodell, Joe Staton, Dave Stevens, Bill Sienkiewicz, Kirby & Mike Royer, Keith Giffen, Bret Blevins & Al Williamson, Michael Kaluta, Gene Colan, Lightle, Brian Bolland, Michael T. Gilbert, Jim Starlin, Walt Simonson, Paul Norris, Mike Grell, Mary Wilshire, Andy Kubert, Gil Kane, Schaffenberger, Bob Kane, Curt Swan, Perez, Howard Chaykin, Jan Duursema, Carmine Infantino, Jim Steranko, Gray Morrow, Neal Adams, Murphy Anderson, Dave Gibbons, Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, Dan Spiegle, Frank Thorne, Fradon, Matt Wagner, Ernie Colon, Irwin Hasen, Joe Orlando, Pat Broderick, Steve Rude, Frank McLaughlin, Dick Giordano.

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